Aurélien Blaha

Portrait von Aurélien Blaha

Aurélien Blaha, Chief Marketing Officer, Digimind

Aurélien Blaha is Chief Marketing Officer with Digimind, a global leader in competitive intelligence and social listening software. Prior to Digimind, he has been a Marketing Director with Finalcad, a construction software startup. Previously, Aurélien held various positions in social media and competitive intelligence at Dassault Systèmes, a global software vendor. As a CI practitioner with a focus on tactical sales, he successfully launched and animated a community of 3000+ professionals around CI-related topics, and shared the results of this experience at SCIP 2011 European Summit. Since 2019, Aurélien is the Chapter Lead for SCIP France. Aurélien holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering in Paris, France and a Master's degree in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, AZ. He currently lives in Paris, France, with his wife and their two boys.